Can I train my voice to sound better?

Absolutely! Your voice is a muscle and like any other muscles in your body it only gets stronger when you exercise it (aka practice)! 

Will my voice change over time? 

Yes! Voices that are deeper generally take longer to fully develop. A light soprano voice typically matures in their mid 20s, tenors hit their prime around their 30s, basses sometimes have to wait until their 50s or 60s before their voices are fully developed. 

What if my voice isn’t mature? Does that mean I cant sing?

Definitely not! Singing doesn’t have any age restrictions. Practice your art at any age!

Tips and tricks!

Other tips and tricks! 

  • Warm up your voice before you sing. This often means light humming or singing before you try to tackle a high note or difficult jump.
  • Join a choir! This is such a great way to learn new thing and grow in your voice!
  • Record yourself and then listen and critique yourself. Then make the adjustments that you hear are needed.