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First Week Follies – Oklahoma Christian

First of all I just want to say how impressed I am with the turnout for the colleges traditions like first week follies, especially in student participation. There are not many traditions we have, since we are such a small school, but I love the ones we do. This is the 41st year of this tradition and I hope that we will see many more in the years to come. This is actually my turn to see this show and I must say this show will never get old.

First week follies is a show that is definitely one of a kind. It is advertised as two hours of comedy, singing and acting and it doesn’t let us down! Students have the privilege to watch their professors and OC staff make a fool of themselves on stage for student enjoyment. These silly acts are all for the purpose of putting the students at ease, showing that our professors are human too.

We had some pretty talented people up on that stage performing joke skits, a 50s and 60s melody, solo songs, and even a book reading. I can’t imagine another university putting a show like this on for its students. Each mini performance was spectacular. Looking around I couldn’t find one sad face in the crowd. My favorite performance was the three tenors act, my choir teacher participated and he is so dorky and funny but I can remember laughing so hard at that act. It was absolutely fantastic.

Not everything was absolutely perfect, but this added to the overall nature of the show. It made it seem more meaningful in some way, more heartfelt. It proved that the teachers were willing to talk time out of their busy lives as they try to put together this night for their students. I can imagine that this would be a lot to take on, especially on top of teaching every day. But I’m so appreciative of the effort and the ability, and I’m not going to hold any lapses in perfection against them. Because really it’s the thought and the effort that really counts.

In between each act there were videos made of OCs professors and other staff members participating in some silly activity, some of these went over my head, but most of them were very entertaining and equally as hilarious. Each video involved some sort of skit, from dodgeball to casting for the show.

I would bet that someone from every corner of the campus participated in some way: creating elaborate skits, preparing an act for the show, playing in the band, or running lights and sound. All were aspects were astounding and were loved and appreciated.

No university I’ve heard of has such a lively bunch of faculty and staff willing to put a silly show together for their students. This night gives college kids a sense of ease and a w love for the atmosphere we have at Oklahoma Christian. Nowhere else has staff members so concerned or dedicated to its students well being to this extent. I love the break from the stress that this event gives, even though it is only the first week of school. This is a night of fun, freedom, and laughter. Fun to see the show, freedom from classes, laughter with friends and mentors in the OC faculty.

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