5 tips to singing better!

1 – Open your mouth. If you are wanting a louder more confident often times this is the solution. Opening your mouth helps the vibrations of the sound to travel farther! 

2 – Support the voice! This basically means to breathe deeply and engage those tummy muscles to create a consistent line of sound. This technique is often referred to as “breathing deep”, “using the diaphragm”, or “breath control”. One way to think of this is to imagine that your lungs is a balloon that is inside you. When you breathe in you want to expand that balloon deeply so that you can support long phrases of a song!

3 – Posture! I think this is one that people often forget… the best posture for singing starts with your feet. You have to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Your back should be straight and your shoulders should be down and relaxed. This will give you a graceful way to perform as well as improve breath control. 

4 – PRACTICE! The best thing you can do is work on your skill. All it takes is 15 minutes a day to completely revolutionize your sound. The tip for doing this is to dedicate that time to one specific area you want to improve. For example, if you want to improve your vocal range: practice singing high to low and vice versa making sure to hit every single note in between. 

5 – Drink water. Now this is a weird one. To sing well you much have a hydrate muscle.your voice is a muscle and needs water to open and close with ease. This means getting at least two cups a day! Some musicians also choose to go without sweetened, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverages to protect their voice. 

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